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how to run php file on MacOS terminal without installing virtual server

How to run .php server on Mac using Terminal without installing anything

Run php file on Mac OS using Terminal without installing virtual server When you go around many search result for running php file on Mac, you will find out so many results for this topic. However, most of them are so complex and even irrelevant to what you you want. In this post, I would …

How to create a new component in Angular Framework

1. Open the folder of the website on Visual Studio Code 2. In folder app create the new folder with its name (ex. policy) 3. In the folder policy, create three files for html, css and ts with (ex. policy.component.html, policy.component.css, policy.component.ts) 4. Copy a file .ts of other quite similar folder then paste to file policy.component.ts …

Install a new module in Angular

Following are steps to install a new module in Angular: Find the name of the module on Internet. Ex:  ng2-page-scroll. Then, go to its website to find its latest version. Go to package.json, modify it as follows: {   “name”: “<name>”,    …    “private”: true,    “dependencies”: {       …     …

Websites to use free images & logos – References for logos, web graphics, design

Following are some websites where we can use freely: Unsplash Loremflickr Freepik Below are the reference websites for graphic design and web design: (list of mostly voted websites, a good reference for web designers) List will be updated with more! Enjoy working 🙂

HTML & CSS and their roles in building Web pages

Disable auto-reduce volume when calling Skype

you can try the procedure below; 1. Open the Run Command 2. Enter or Type mmsys.cpl 3. Click the Communications tab 4. Select Do Nothing 5. Save Reference: