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Remove Entry suggestion from Xaml file xamarin forms

jQuery handy commands

1- To count number of same class id var roleRowsCount = $(“div[class*=’roleRow’]”).length; 2- To get the index of a button when it is clicked (when we have a list of same button with same id) var index = $(‘.btn’).index(this);

Handy commands for working with server using terminal

1- This is to see ports and which application is running on which port sudo netstat -plunt 2- To restart apache server sudo service apache2 restart or /etc/init.d/apache2 restart 3- To check firewall status sudo ufw status verbose 4- To change port listen on Apache server vi /etc/apache2/ports.conf 5- To make new site for Apache …

setup a nodejs server on digital ocean

Following are steps to setup a nodejs server on digital ocean Create a new droplet Once you have droplet, you need to setup a ssh key (it is an optional step) so that you can access your server from terminal Install mongodb if your nodejs server works with mongodb (Reference: Install nodejs by following this …

c# – run a code after a time delay

Sometimes, you will need to execute a piece of code after a time delay. To achieve this behaviour, we can have following 2 solutions: Solution 1: – We can use dependency service to implement a native function of delay for each platform (like delay Runnable for Android) Solution 2: – If you want a cross …

SHCD cuối khóa K52 – cảm nghĩ của 1 bạn sinh viên, khá hay!

  Đây là một bài viêt cảm nghĩ về buổi sinh hoạt công dân cuối cùng cho khóa K52 bọn mình,  Bài viết khá hay, và thực sự hôm đó đi nghe bản thân cũng thấy rất ấn tượng và có thêm nhiều điều.   -> Lưu lại đã :d. SV. Vũ Vân Anh Buổi sáng, trời mát lạnh, ba lô đi tới …

Disable startup-program on Windows 7

To disable startup program on windows 7, following this: Start -> Run -> type “msconfig.exe” -> Choose the program which you want to disable. Reference:

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