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App4Autism – How to use Normal Activity – Scheduler

This article is to support App4Autism users to use Normal Activity inside the application. App4Autism is an amazing tool for parents to teach and educate their autism kids. Download: 1- With normal activity, you can add maximum 10 activities for a day (10 is a value required by psychologist). To add activity, you can …

Extract java library .jar or .aar using command line

Sometimes, you want to extract .jar or .aar file to see the classes or to add into your project. Following are steps to do 1- With .jar Open terminal console jar xf <your_jar>.jar You then will see the extract files / folders created 2- With .aar .aar is a compressed file. You can do as …

Disable auto-reduce volume when calling Skype

you can try the procedure below; 1. Open the Run Command 2. Enter or Type mmsys.cpl 3. Click the Communications tab 4. Select Do Nothing 5. Save Reference: