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This article is to support App4Autism users to use Normal Activity inside the application.
App4Autism is an amazing tool for parents to teach and educate their autism kids.

1- With normal activity, you can add maximum 10 activities for a day (10 is a value required by psychologist).

To add activity, you can click on the “+ Add activity” button.
2. When your kid clicks “Let’s start” button, he will start as follow:

3. There are few constraints here:
– Activities must done in order, so your kid needs to do it one by one.
– You cannot change the order of activities BUT by clicking into the image, you can “edit/delete/delete all” the activities when you are in Preparation phase.
– You cannot change the order of activities when you are in Play phase.
– When he starts with an activity, he will drag the image into the center square frame.

– When he finishes the activity, he will drag the center activity and drop it into the green square frame in the end so that he can start with new activity.
– Just repeat this flow until the end of activities

– When everything will be finished, the screen will prompt “Congratulation” message, and at this point, kid parents may say, wish or make a congratulation to the kids so that they will become happier. Obviously, you can do as you prefer for your kids due to the fact that you know your kids! 🙂

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