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Introduction of Movie Wiki

Movie Wiki was created by a team of Android developer and graphic designer who love watching films and movies. Earlier the team tried several applications to update new movies but they were disturbed by non-stop advertisements. That is motivation for the team to work together to create their own movie appliation. From the first day of launching the application, the Movie Wiki team have been working hard to improve the features as well as interface of the app to bring more utilities and better experience to users.

For movies, Movie Wiki devides them into four categories including Popular Category, Now-playing Category, Top-rated Category and Up-coming Category. With these categories, movie lovers can find their favourite films easily. Users can find all information about the movie such as its description, trailer, available languages, ratings, and reviews. Besides, you can save the movies into your personal favourite list and set notifications in the integrated calendar. Moreover, with embedded map, Movie Wiki can help you find the nearby cinemas.

Besides films and movies, Movie Wiki provides details on TV shows and actors.

Movie Wiki is an essential Android application for your entertainment. Let's experience Movie Wiki right now!

Getting started with Movie Wiki

Movie Wiki is now available for Android devices, so you can find the app on Google Play here.

What to find inside app Movie Wiki?

Inside Movie Wiki, you can find various tabs on the main menu including Favorites, Movie, TV Show, Actors, News, Calendar.

FAVORITES is the list of your remarked favorite movies and films so that you can watch or rewatch easily. In order to remark your favorite ones, on the top right of each movie, you will see the heart icon ❤. When you click the white empty heart, it will turn pink, which shows that the movie is saved in your list. When you click the pink heart, and it then turns white empty, showing that you have remove the film from your favorite list. Another way to remove films or movies from the favorite list, you can click the three-dots icon on their right side and choose the function 'Remove from the list'. The movie you have remarked first will appear in the top of the list.

MOVIE is the tab where you can find all information about movies and films classified in categories. The top slide in this tab will display movies available in cinema at the current time. When you click 'see all', the whole list of current movies will be shown. Besides, you can find movies in four categories: Popular, Now Playing, Top-rated, Up-coming Movies. When you click a movie in these categories, you can watch its trailers, read movie description, release date, ratings and reviews. If you want to search movies by names, you can type their names in 'Search' box. The movies are loved by more people also appear at the bottom of the Movie tab.

TV SHOW is where you can find various shows on television. This tab is categorized into TV shows, TV airing, and TV top-rated. Click 'see all' to see more shows and details.

ACTORS is an interesting tab for whom like to know more details about most popular actors in the world. To see full information about each actor, please click the three-dots icon on the right of each actor. When you enter this Actors tab, if there is no information displayed, please refresh the page as the instruction on screen to update details. The list of most popular actors is updated regularly thanks to data from MovieDb, so you will sometimes find the different figures in this list depending on their popularity.

NEWS is the place to show your location and the weather of your place thanks to the integrated Google Maps. Movie Wiki team is working to add a new feature in this function in which you can see the cinemas around your location. Movie Wiki will update to all users when this feature is launched.

CALENDAR is like an e-notebook integrated in Movie Wiki so that you can make to-do lists and manage tasks. When you want to create tasks on a certain day, you click the day on the calendar and choose 'Add new task' function. You can choose a specific catalogue for each task so you can control which catalogue each task belongs to. Also, you can set the priority status for each task which shows in colors. Normal task will be set in green while urgent task will be red. After tasks on each day are set, the number of tasks will be shown right below the day in the calendar. Therefore, you can know how many tasks you have on a specific day. The calendar with remarked tasks is perfectly useful for you to note the showing time of your wish-to-watch movies in the nearby cinemas. Besides, you can use this calendar to create and manages your to-do lists and other daily notes.

Interaction with Movie Wiki team (GreenTSharing)

In the setting icon on the top right of Movie Wiki application, you can share feedback, reviews, or send bug reports to BluChat developer. All of your reviews, feedback and bug reports if available are important contributions to the improvement of Movie Wiki. In order to bring your best experience, Movie Wiki will be always a free-advertisment application. If you like Movie Wiki and find the app useful for your commucation and sharing, we hope that you will introduce Movie Wiki to more people to broaden Movie Wiki community.

Also, in the settings, you can choose themes or change the setting of notification.

Movie Wiki team are always working hard to provide thousands of users with best experience as possible, and your contributions through your feedback, reviews and recommendations are parts of Movie Wiki's development.

You can receive updates of Movie Wiki by following our posts on acebook twitter oogle.

Users' reviews on Movie Wiki

“I love it but needs some work.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


“A good ap for checking new and old films.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Peter Rollett

“Good.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Terry Kolpin

“The app is great and give us enough information needed for the show. One issue I saw that for series that have any seasons, you have numbered then as episodes#1,2 etc. Please number them as season 1,2 and so on . For eg Scorpion. Rest the app is useful and it contains information of my region India.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Himadri Roy

“Beautiful and awesome app!” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

-Francesco Loi-

“Thank you for giving this free user-friendly app with updated movies. I love it!” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Tham Tran