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About GreenT Team

GreenT is a team of people who love creating mobile and web applications, designing and marketing. We create applications to help people's life more comfortable and convenient.
We are very glad to share our interest and experience through articles on our blog, and we are also pleased to hear your sharing. Together we will make this world more open and connected.

What GreenT can do and share

mobile apps

Mobile Applications

GreenT expertises in designing and developing mobile applications using native Android language and Xamarin (Android and iOS apps). We have launched applications for kid education, movie and communication on Google Play. Thousands of users are now using our apps. Other applications for transportation, selling & buying are in progress.

responsive web design

Full-stack Web Development

GreenT is professional in designing and building responsive websites for business purpose or personal uses. With full-stack development team, GreenT provides both front-end and back-end solutions for your requirements.

graphic design

Graphic Design

All logos, images, icons and background used in applications and websites made by GreenT are copyrighted. With experience in designing websites and applications, creativeness and enthusiasm, our graphic team are providing best graphic products to users.

seo, sem, smo, social media marketing

SEO & SEM Solutions

Are you looking for solutions for achieving top rankings on SERPS and optimizing your investment in Internet marketting? GreenT was born to do the mission for you. We can also consult how to make the content of your websites most attractive and and get most traffic as possible.

GreenT's recent projects

Timer - Visual planning - Token economy



Visual timer & Countdown for children



Movie trailers - Films - TV Shows



Chat - Share files via Bluetooth



GreenT Blog

The primary purpose of this blog is for GreenT team to take notes of solutions and working steps from our real self-study and self-improvement. Our team ourself find it very useful whenever we need to recall our work thanks to the specific categories of diverse articles. We hope that our sharing is helpful to you when you need to figure out solutions to your work somehow.